Kansas City Cheifs Leading QB Suspected For Drug Use

Kansas City Cheifs QB, Patrick Mahomes beside Eagles leading QB, Jalen Hurts, who just returned from a shoulder injury.

New York Times

Kansas City Cheifs QB, Patrick Mahomes beside Eagles leading QB, Jalen Hurts, who just returned from a shoulder injury.

Taylor Koch, Editor

‘FLY, EAGLES FLY ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY’- the popular chant sung by Eagles fans,  didn’t work out too well for them two Sunday’s ago at the Super Bowl. After losing 35-38 against the Kansas City Chiefs, there were more boos heard around the street then there were Philadelphians swinging pole to pole, another thing the team’s fans are known for. Disappointment hit at least half the country who were rooting for the Eagles, in hate against the Chiefs V. Bengals game that happened weeks before. Accusations of paying refs, and other cheating plays angered most, though it was proved by officials there was in fact no cheating. Bengal fans joined Eagle fans in hope for payback against a team who has now beaten them twice in the Pro Bowl and Superbowl. Unfortunately, everyone watched as the second quarter went completely downhill, leaving most shocked. Now, not even a week later, Patrick Mahomes, leading QB for the Chiefs, is being accused of drug use during the game. If true, the title will be snatched from the Chiefs, and the 2023 Super Bowl winner will be the Eagles. 

Investigation began on Tuesday when a twitter post claimed Mahomes was using PED during the Superbowl. Simon Charles, “A respected sports writer”, as Sportskeeda says, started the rumor by saying “Chiefs Super Bowl legitimacy put a hold as NFL plans to launch an investigation on possible PED use by Patrick Mahomes during halftime. Sources confirm his rapid postgame drug test came back POSITIVE and if guilty the Chiefs will be stripped of the win”. NFL spokesman, Brian McCarthy followed up on the post assuring it was “completely incorrect”. In fact, the “NFL requires a random selection of five players from each team to undergo drug testing every year”, and Mahomes was one of the selected. The rule started in 1987 and is known as the Performance-Enhancing Substance Policy. 

As much as the Chief haters were hoping the test would come out true and win the Superbowl, no history will change this time. However, back at Superbowl 51, the Patriots were accused of cheating against the Rams because of a deflated ball that was from the New England team. Though the cheating was believed, the NFL disregarded it, and the team kept the win. No football team has ever cheated, or at least been caught, and been forced to give up their Super Bowl title win. Though, it’ll happen sometime in NFL history, and we’re all waiting for it.