Who’s Ready for Testing?


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AP prep books that are available for purchase from college board

Breanna Rison, Staff Writer

Seniors and Juniors or whoever is in an AP class can take the AP exam. If you have taken the AP exam, you may have questions about the AP exam. On the college board, you can get more information about how the AP test helps and what colleges you can get into by taking the AP exam. In an intervention, Mr. Rawls said “ The test is available to any student enrolled in an AP course. If they pass the exam, they can get college credit. Tests are offered in History, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science.” Along with those, you can take the test in caucuses AP, world history Ap, US history, and AP part. Taking the AP test will help you with college credits. “If you have free or reduced lunch the cost of the Ap exam will only be ten dollars,” Rawls said in his interview. Therefore it is affordable for students who might be, wondering when this test is available. Rawls listed,” May 1st to the 5th” this is the first week of May If you can not take the test during that week there will be a short week to make it up and that’s the 17th to the 19th. 

Let’s say you’re not sure if you can afford it or even if you wanna take it. The Exam is nothing monitor, It’s just if you want a college credit “ There is no impact on their GPA or grades,  but it allows them to earn a college credit” Rawls goes on to finish. Many students who have taken AP exams claim that they are glad they took the test because of the advantage it gives them in college. 

Students, it’s an easy college created and it’s only 10$. Therefore take a chance and whether you pass or fail it doesn’t hurt anything. Don’t feel you need to be held back from this wonderful opportunity.