Teens vaping is bad for their health


This is a photo of an animated person with a brainstorming cloud with facts about vaping. Photo By: https://www.oregon.gov

Breanna Hardin, Staff Writer

Teen vaping causes health issues. What most teens don’t know is vapes have nicotine which causes their developing brain to not develop right. Vaping is a big deal because it’s supposedly cool but it causes major harm. Over 2.5 million U.S. kids have used e-cigarettes in 2022 alone not including how many over the years. The companies that created e-cigarettes and vapes made them with flavors to draw young teens into using them so that they could make money. They created more and more flavors over time to keep their money going also so that teens would not get tired of the same flavors and stop using them. Young teens who use vapes and e-cigarettes don’t really know the effects that it can cause in the future. There are other chemicals in vapes and e-cigarettes other than nicotine. Some vapes and e-cigarettes have metal which is extremely poisionus. Vaping can cause behavior problems because the chemicals in the vape and e-cigarettes harm the part of the brain that controls the attention, learning, mood, and impulse control. Vaping can also cause the respiratory tract of the nose, throat, and lungs to react to germs and also increase the risk of disease or infections. It also can cause permanent damage to the lungs. The vape holds 31 chemicals and compounds that affect different parts of the body. If the battery in the vape explodes it could cause serious burns or even death. Kentucky has the second highest teen vaping rate at 6.1 million in the United states. One vape is equal to a pack of cigarettes or even more than a pack. There are more and more people vaping everyday. When you start vaping and continue vaping you could become addicted it’s gonna be a long road to quit and some never do make it.