Run Jen Run 5k Raises over $160,000 for Women With Breast Cancer

Run Jen Run is a foundation founded by Jen Pagani who last her life to breast cancer

Run Jen Run is a foundation founded by Jen Pagani who last her life to breast cancer

Carley Stone, Staff Writer

Jen Pagani (Photo from Jen Pagani obituary)

On February 25, Saturday morning there was an 11th annual Run Jen Run 5k. This event was to raise awareness and money for women with breast cancer through the foundation Go, Jen, Go. This foundation raises money, housing, transportation, and necessities for breast cancer patients. This event helped their families as well. Go Jen Go was founded by Joe and Jen Pagani. A quote from Jen Pagani’s obituary, ” As a result, Jen and Joe Pagani created the GoJenGo Foundation. With the support of generous sponsors, the foundation has offered help to hundreds of individuals struggling to stay afloat financially due to the enormous expense of treatment and medication. The largest fundraiser for the foundation came last year when the inaugural RunJenRun 5K took place in Charlotte. The second annual RunJenRun 5K is scheduled for March 1 this year and will honor the memory and spirit of the amazing woman who has made such a difference to her community. Along with her children, the GoJenGo Foundation is Jen’s parting gift and legacy.” Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and battled it for seven years and sadly lost her fight in 2014. She was only forty-four years old. Jen was a mother, wife, and daughter. Family and friends say she was always positive, kind, and loving even in the darkest times. Jen has a “Garden of Hope” where you can see signs to honor loved ones who are fighting, who have passed, and women who have beat breast cancer. WKYT News interviewed Susan Sears who is the executive director of Go Jen Go. Susan said she decided to join the foundation after her mother-in-law passed away due to breast cancer. In the interview, Mrs. Sears said, “When she passed I felt the need to do one thing to give back and so working through my grief, I got involved with Susan G. Comen foundation and met Jen Pagani through that and when I met Jen Pagani I was like I am doing whatever she is doing.” Over 900 people gathered for this event and raised over 160,000 dollars! All information came from Jen’s website!

Participants in Run Jen Run 5k (WBTV)
Garden of Hope (By Run Jen Run foundation)