Should you talk to your counselor before scheduling?


Schedules request forms are due soon! Make sure to submit yours so that next year’s schedule is good!

Cora Walters, Staff Writer

Are you stressed about making your schedule for next year? Confused about what classes to take, and which classes will be beneficial to you? Scared that when you receive your schedule for the next school year it will be all wrong? The Bourbon County High School counseling department is always there to help.

There are four counselors that all have their own group of students divided alphabetically. Ms. Thacker handles underclassmen last names A-I, Ms. Hoskins, J-Q, Mr. Rawls, R-Z, and finally Mrs. Walters is in charge of all seniors. Last week all the counselors met with their respected classes to have a meeting about all the things they need to know to move forward in their education. For instance, they explained the purpose and functionality of class credits as well as what certain courses intel. This week they are coming to our classes to help fill out the form that determines what classes underclassmen will take next year.

If you’re like me, you may stress about your grades, and more importantly, your future. When considering your options as a student, and the best route to take for a particular profession, I would personally recommend talking to your assigned counselor for advice. They are not only well versed in the Bourbon County‚Äôs opportunities but are able to cross reference your transcript in case electives interrupt core classes. You may also go to your teachers for help as they have the same capabilities.

Scheduling is always stressful not only for the students but for the counseling department as well. Counselors do everything in their power to make sure that every student gets what they need. So, when you get your schedule for next year, although it may not be perfect, there is no need to worry considering the devotion of our staff.