Journalism is Still Male Dominated- Things Are About to Change

Out of a crowd of journalists, there is one woman. Ironically, she is the only one truly engaged.

European Journalism Observatory

Out of a crowd of journalists, there is one woman. Ironically, she is the only one truly engaged.

Taylor Koch, Editor

Across the United States, there are over 6,000 journalists- 78% of those being white males. The percentage of females working in the industry has grown by only 2% in the last five years. Minorities like Latinos, Black’s and Asians represent less than 10% of Journalism. Diversity makes up the industry, or at least needs to. It’s what brings perspective and value towards a job that many overlook. 

Diversity in Journalism is what interests people, especially those of younger generations who are losing interest in the news. Women in the field are bringing confidence to young girls who may be scared to be loud and bold. “Women are at the forefront of change and progression in the journalism industry, and their lived experiences bring so much added value..” (Lenfest Institute)

One of the most impactful journalists to women was Barbara Walters. Beginning her career as a writer for NBC, Walters would be the leading cause of a great turn around. Before her time, few women were journalists because of the lack of respect and hate they got. Being told that women couldn’t write, or should appear on Tv kept many away. It all changed when a young, fierce woman rose to the top. In 1961, Walters was in front of the camera, and would be the first female anchor for a National newscast. This inspired so many, and opened the gates to Journalism and Broadcasting for women. It gave them the opportunity and guidance that they needed to be the next newscasters of America. Savannah Guthrie, one of the two FEMALE anchors of the Today show, thanked Walters for the road she paved for many. “Thank you, Barbara. You showed the way. You made it possible for the rest of us.”

The change in Journalism is happening now. Not just in journalism, but all businesses. Women-owned stores, women-led clubs & groups, a future of a women-led world. The time has come where females are stepping out of their shells, and ready to face whatever may come their way.