Moles Within the Quantum Realm

Illustration of a quantum tunnel through scientific studies.


Illustration of a quantum tunnel through scientific studies.

Joseph sapp, Jr. Editor

Quantumania speaks of the quantum realm by shrinking down smaller than atoms. The Quantum realm is the area of space that is smaller than the atomic level. Scientists speak of the quantum state as the physical state of anything at the quantum level. Along with this scientists conduct experiments to determine how stuff at the quantum level works. This leads us to recent observations at the quantum level which can defy classical physical rules. This was the observation of quantum tunneling. Now this theory was created not too long after the equation of quantum mechanics was created. When quantum tunneling was theorized it went against the rules of quantum mechanics. This phenomenon occurred between electrons and other particles. The electron specifically is the particle that can go through quantum tunneling.

Think about the electron as a ball, when thrown at a wall it will bounce back, and if you roll it into the valley it will stop at the bottom. Yet with quantum tunneling the electrons would go staring through the wall or escape the valley. This phenomenon is not easy to observe due to the fact that it doesn’t happen that often. One thing that confused scientists was the speed at which these particles could travel with quantum tunneling because it didn’t make any sense. What they discovered was that the thickness of the barrier of the wall barely altered the speed the particles traveled. The results also showed that particles traveled quicker when they tunneled through a barrier than in open space. Through Quantum tunneling particles could travel faster than the speed of light. This gives us the idea that quantum tunneling gives particles of matter the ability to travel faster than the speed of light.
This is astonishing because this is impossible according to many laws of physics. Most famously Einstein’s law of matter is E=Mc^2, which states that when a matter goes at the speed of light it would turn into energy. Which in turn could prove that the scientific genius Albert Einstein could have been wrong. Meaning that there could be a possibility of matter and people being transported at speeds quicker than the speed of light and not turning into pure energy. In the end, Quantum tunneling could potentially be a way to transport information and matter at speeds quicker than light. This could solve the quick space travel problem due to the fact that the distance of a quantum tunnel did not alter the speed too greatly. So instead of traveling in a vessel at the speed of light and traveling for a few weeks or months, you could travel really long distances at light speed in a matter of seconds.