From streets to studio, Meet Dronz.



This is the Album cover that dronz’s is planing on using for his upcoming album.

Joseph sapp, Jr. Editor

Many people have passed through the halls of the Bourbon County high school. During their time here and after they left behind a legacy that led back to high school. Now we have our very own upcoming music artist walking the halls of the bourbon county high school. He is specifically planning on becoming a rapper. This man is walking down a path to greatness that goes through the bourbon county school buildings. His dream of writing and singing music has led him to this career along with the strong connection he has too many rap songs he has heard over the years. Instead of going with the flow of other rap artists, he plans to create his flow/ style that other people would want to copy. He has determined that his rapper name is going to be “Dronz”. Our upcoming rapper currently has 3 songs which consist of “Survival”, “Family Ties”, and “All For Momma”. At this moment his biggest song is “Family Ties”. “Family Ties” was made by “Dronz” featuring his cousin “Smooth Salin”. Our Rapper is working hard to create good and popular songs so he can help himself and the people around him. He told journalists that the main reason he is doing this is to help his mother. Who throughout her 20s-40s has spent the whole time taking care of and supporting her kids. She takes care of our rapper and his three brothers who don’t see their father. He Is looking forward to working hard to become a big rapper so he can give his family the ability to live the best life possible before they pass into the next life. With a strong belief in god, he is working towards stopping violent types of music. This is in an attempt to get the word out that the violence that is being expressed in this world is pointless and needs to be eliminated. He has the strength and bravery to do what it takes and has no fear of any man but God. He is doing all of this to help the people in his life that he cares about and he will never turn his back on that plan. This is because he has friends right now who aren’t living a good life and wants to help give them a better life as soon as possible. With that being said we need to reveal who our mysterious rapper is. So with your support, I would like to wish our Upcoming rapper the best of luck on his journey, “Aderyon Blackburn”.