How can shootings be handled and prevented?

Breanna hardin, Staff Writer

This photo is showing a man putting flowers down in honor of someone he or his community has lost from a shooting.
Photo By:Alexandra Ulmer

Shootings could be handled and prevented in so many ways. If a person other than a police officer and people in that field of experience should not stay around a place where they can see that there is something wrong. They could call 911 so that they could handle it so that they could minimize the number of deaths. So many people have been shot because they engaged in a shooting instead of calling 911 and not getting shot and killed or even injured. When someone gets stuck in a situation like this they really don’t know what to do cause nothing can prepare you for seeing someone die or someone killing you. The government could prevent shootings from happening or at least stop so many from happening by passing a law that stated mentally ill people and people with a violent past own or have a gun. This would stop a lot of shootings, especially school shootings. In some states, there have been so many school shootings that kids would be terrified not knowing what’s gonna happen to them and their peers. Parents getting that terrifying phone call that their kids’ school is on lock down because someone broke in and they are armed and they are not able to do anything about it. Gun and bomb threats are another thing that goes around in schools. Students get so scared of what might happen that they call a parent to come get them and then you get very few students left in the school and they walk around terrified of something happening to them. At any time any day, this could be stopped but not all of it will be stopped because kids from other schools threaten kids at other schools and threaten schools as a whole. Something should be done about this.