What You Need to Know


This is a photo of Bourbon County High School’s graduation caps.

Breanna Rison, Staff Writer

The school year of 2022-2023 is coming to an end. Seniors who are walking across the stage need to know important events that are coming up. Seniors are allowed to decorate their graduation caps but with a few exceptions.

“We don’t want to have anything foul or effective on the caps. Make them pretty and appropriate.”-Jeniffer Emmanuel. 

Christy Walters goes on to add to Jenniffer’s statement by saying, “This is the first time a Bourbon County class has ever be allowed to do this, it’s exciting but a lot of responsibility. How everything goes determines how future classes get to do it.” This could be good or bad. Let’s make it count and not ruin this opportunity for classes later on.


May 1st – 12th is AP testing. Try your best on the test!

May 12th is Community service day for seniors. You must get a form from the office so they don’t mark you absent that day. 

May 18th is senior honors at 7:00 pm in the gym by invitation only. Also May 18th, is senior field day during 1st, 3rd, 5th period, and field day on May 19th, during 2nd, 4th,6th. Dress comfortably and we will be outside!  

May 22nd is senior walkthroughs. You must be at school on time around 8:20 so students are ready to get on the bus so they arrive at the elementary schools on time at 9-10. 

“ First, we will be doing a middle school walks there first. Then, go to the elementary. Seniors may wear their caps and gowns there during the walk-throughs. If you didn’t attend a Bourbon County Elementary School students  may pick an elementary school you may walk through.” Walters stated.

After students arrive back to the high school they are going to practice graduation, practices are mandatory.

May 23rd is another practice from 8:30-11:00. After is senior lunch provided by YSC. May 24th is another practice in the morning at 8:30-10:30 then its Senior cookout and games. 

May 25, is your break day because May 26 is graduation day. Seniors will be wanted at the high school at 9 am for a senior breakfast after the seniors eat there. Then it’s their last practice from 10-12. After, seniors are free to leave until 5 pm that evening because seniors are supposed to be at the middle school gym for pictures of the senior class. You must be here on time. Bourbon County High School doors will be open to the public at 6 o’clock and the ceremony will start at 7. “All graduation practices are monitored but will include special events after each practice. Seniors need to make sure they check google classroom for reminders. Just make sure grades are up these last couple of weeks of school.” Walter finished.

 If seniors want to participate, there will be a “sleepover” at Bourbon County High School. You are more than welcome to return after the ceremony at 11. The doors will be locked at 12 and stay locked until 6. If there is an emergency they will be allowed to unlock the doors.  When it hits 6, students will be released to go home, buses will be in place for students that need a ride home. Students are allowed to bring pillows, blankets, etc into the lock-in. This will serve as a way for students to come together for one last night together as a class of 2023. 

Seniors these are very important dates you must come to every practice. You must follow every rule this is the final day of our senior year. Enjoy every bit of it because this is the last time we will be together as a whole class. Make these days count class of 2023.