Turning 30? More Like 21…

As Jennifer Garner says, turning thirty is just as awesome as twenty!

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As Jennifer Garner says, turning thirty is just as awesome as twenty!

Taylor Koch, Editor

Partying all night, hanging out with friends, not having a care in the world. Nothing matters; you’re surrounded with the people you love being around, and you have nothing to worry about. You’re in your 20’s and at the peak of your life. A whole decade to mess around before certain expectations arrive with your 30’s; a stable job, being married, having kids, pretty much your whole life set up. It’s unrealistic, and there’s more to life than these things. Yes, they’re great goals, but it doesn’t fit in with our time. Teens and young adults want to get out there. Gen Z consists of hard workers and entrepreneurs. There’s no time to settle down, at least this early. 

Twenties are about figuring out who you are and gaining confidence. New experiences and opportunities are lessons about life, and help plan out your future. “The desire to have as many experiences as possible before settling down or the fear of commitment may push individuals to get married late. Some individuals may become responsible and mature enough for such commitment quite late in their lives.” (Bentley University) 

By the time we are turning thirty, we’re thriving. “The third decade in your life brings a degree of self-awareness and understanding that is difficult to capture in previous years.” (Bode Magazine) We’ve got everything we dreamed about when we were younger: our own house, a new job position, and even love. There’s no hurry, and we shouldn’t be pushed by society’s standards. 

Thirties can be a time of reminiscing; to look back on the party life of your young adult eras, which has been brought into yet, another decade. It can also be a time to start completing those crazy goals you made, whether that be starting your dream job or traveling around the world. Entering your 30’s will be one of the most exciting times of your life.