School Nurse Dies Of A Hit-And-Run In Lexington



School nurse, Lynette Laine

Carley Stone, Staff Writer

Mrs. Laine with her grandson (Lex 18)

On Friday evening, May 6th, sixty-year-old Lynette Laine, a healthcare worker for four decades, was a school nurse at Rise Stem Academy for girls. According to WKYT News, she was hit by a car at the intersection of Sandersville Road and Atoma Drive which was not too far from her home. Students at Rise Stem Academy loved Mrs. Laine. Lexington 18 News interviewed her husband about him consoling her co-workers, “they were very emotional and very caring people. ” A fellow co-worker in an interview at Lex 18 said, “They would come in just to be greeted and talk to her and give her a hug, so it’s that human connection that I am sure they are going to miss.” Mrs. Laine lived with her husband and grandson. Her grandson said, “It is going to be sad not to be able to have any more memories.” Even though this is very sad for the family and friends of Mrs. Laine, her husband, wants nothing but happiness and memories. He tells Lex 18, “We can get so wrapped up in all of that, that we lose the fact that she was a person who loved and deserved all our love, so we celebrate. We celebrate a life well lived.” He also shares what Mrs. Laine’s plans were over the weekend. He says she was getting a pool and food ready for the neighborhood kids, that just shows how sweet Mrs. Laine was.

WKYT News shares how she is going to be remembered. Kevin Hall, an employee at the Fayette County Health Department says, “It is a great loss. It is something that our staff is really feeling this morning. There have been, I have seen several school house members already in tears.” “She was dedicated to her job and was an example of just how important a school nurse is”. “They are some of the only people in health care that these kids will connect to.” WKYT reveals the message that the director of Rise Stem Academy for girls wrote to the family of Mrs. Laine, it reads, “We are heartbroken by the devastating loss for our school and community… Her unwavering commitment and caring approach have earned her the respect and admiration of staff, students, and families alike.”