BCHS Teacher Appreciation


Alyssa Sanders

A photo of a BCHS teacher appreciation collage featuring the colonels logo.

Alyssa Sanders, Editor

Many teachers at Bourbon County High School try their best to educate students. Teaching is one of the most difficult professions that requires patience, care, and effort. Throughout struggles and successes, they’ve all continued to teach to their best ability. However, there are a few teachers who stand out to BCHS students. 

Mrs. Carter is an English teacher at BCHS; her kindness and bubbly personality seems to make students feel welcome and safe. She is understanding yet still enforcing the necessary rules. One students stated, “Mrs. Carter is most definitely one of my favorite teachers in the school. She always listens to me when I’m ranting or when I’m telling a story. Also, she’s really funny!” Mrs. Carter not only helps students academically but on a personal level as well. BCHS is lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. 

Mr. Slusher is a Science teacher at BCHS; he teaches with efficiency and can make any difficult topic well understood. He has humor that makes students love the class. One students stated, “Mr. Slusher helped me throughout my chemistry class sophomore year. I had a hard time understanding it, but he was always there to answer my questions. My favorite memory of him is when I had to take my final after school, had no idea what I was doing, and started crying. I think he felt bad, which is why I passed! Thank you Mr. Slusher for being such a great teacher and role model.” Mr. Slusher has helped so many students succeed at what they once thought impossible.

Mr. Wright is a Social Studies and Psychology teacher at BCHS; He has a humorous personality that keeps students engaged as he teaches. He tries his best to help students with anything they need, which has made him a favorite at BCHS. One students stated, “Mr. Wright is a great teacher and friend. He always does his best to teach us the content so I never had to stress. He encourages students to put in effort and I appreciate his patience with those who don’t want to try. He has made my high school experience better overall and I will never forget that!” Mr. Wright is a hardworking teacher who has influenced many students to try their best.

Mr. Stone is a Music Teacher and Band instructor at BCHS. This year is his last and he has been there for so many students in his time at BCHS. Many students have learned discipline, the meaning of hard work, and how to be a team because of him and will always appreciate the lessons he’s taught them. One student stated, “Mr. Stone has taught me many life lessons over the years. He’s taught me how to put passion into everything I do, never stop working, and always put all my effort into everything I do so I have no regrets looking back in the past. Our band will have a great legacy because of the leadership qualities he has instilled in the band students he has taught.” Mr. Stone has made an incredible impact on his students and it will never be forgotten.

Mr. Buttice is a Social Studies teacher at BCHS; he has taken on hard subjects such as AP world history and AP US history and has helped his students learn more than ever before. He continuously encourages students to do their best and to put in the effort. One students stated, “If there’s one teacher you can count on, it’s Buttice. He’s one of the kindest and most supportive people at the school. I couldn’t recommend his classes enough.” He does his best to be there for his students both on an academic and personal level. 

Teachers at BCHS are resilient and generous people, who give their all to help their students succeed. They should always be appreciated and respected because we wouldn’t be able to live our dreams without them.