Gotham Season 1 Guide and review


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This image shows main characters from Gotham season one.

Madolynn Morgan, Staff Writer

      Created by Fox in 2014, Gotham is a drama & action show about the teen years of Bruce Wayne and how James Gordon became who he is in the classic Batman comics. Season one released in 2014 and completed in May of 2015 with twenty-two episodes, each with an

average of 42 minutes. The show stars American actor David Mazouz (Birthday Cake 2021) as young Bruce Wayne, Ben Mchenize who plays Detective James Gordon, and his partner detective Harvey Bullock played by Donal Logue.

      The show starts soon after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne with episode one focusing on the deaths of billionaire philanthropist, Thomas and Martha Wayne with their young son, Bruce as the only witness. Bruce’s parents’ death sparked the beginning of Bruce and Gordon’s friendship. Episode two’s storyline is about Gordon’s (Robin Lord Taylor) tracking down child snatchers who have been exploiting Gotham’s homeless children. We then meet young Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman played by Camren Bicondova. Episodes three through five are about a vilaginite taking matters into their own hands attacking people, another pressing matter is the mob’s rights to the land occupied by a crumbling Arkham Asylum. All being debated by the corrupt city council as a killer chemist spawns chaos.

     Episode six leads to the serial killer targeting Gotham’s wealthiest citizens, specifacally their children as the conspiracy with surounding Gordon and Ozwald Copplepot aka the Penguin’s murder. Mob violence continues to rise, exulting over power dynamics as Penguins unveils his plans, causing Gordon to spare him.The next episode leads in with an investigation of a fight club with Gordon, all while Bruce goes back to school struggling to make friends. Harvey Dent and Gordon work together as they try closing the murder case of The Waynes, Penguin makes a contract with Fish Mooney in attempts of bringing Liza down. Episode ten shows Selina going through Gotham with her friend’s assassin hot on her trail, as she takes care of her sick friend, Ivy in Jim’s apartment. JIm is suddenly given the chance to solve a case, meanwhile Gordon is sent to the newly reopened Arkham Asylum. While in Arkham prisoners are mysteriously being assaulted, GCPD bring Gordon back as panic rises with the new criminal known as the “Electrocutioner” goes on a spree. 

     We then venture into episode thirteen breaking down the newly reinstated Gordon, facing the corrupted Gotham police force when a witness to a gang lord murder was killed. A support group for a phobias is targeted as their fear comes to life in front of there eyes plus Pengwin double cross ways are exposed.eposide fifteen similar to fourteen we deal with Dr cranes and his murderous rampage of gothom cities worst fears to life. Episode sixteen “ The Blind Fortune Teller ” young Bruce Wayne stands up to Wayne Enterprises as Jim tries to smoke out a snake in the grass.Episode seventeen ”Red Hood”  bank robbers hit Gotham banks as they are  being praised for their actions like Robin Hood . Episode eighteen ” Everyone Has a Cobblepot” Bruce deals with the aftermath of an attack as  Fish Monney joins forces with Dr Dulmacher.episode nineteen”Beast of Prey ”Cobblepot hopes to make a killing in his new restaurant job. episode twenty”Under the knife” loved ones of Gotham GCPD officers are being targeted.episode twentyone  “ The Anvil or the Hammer”Penguin starts a all out mob war while Bruce learns the truth about his family company,  as for Nygma on the other hand deals with his unfortaint  actions. .And lastly episode twenty ‘ All Happy Families Are Alike” this episode Gotham’s gang war hit a boiling point.

          Gotham as a hole in season one has a story line but within each episode there are new characters as well as mysteries. Gotham is a show that will keep you waiting to know more season one 76% rotten tomato score. Rotten Tomato said Gotham has “ High production values,a talented cast, and an appealingly stylized approach to the Batman mythos help Gotham overcome its occasionally familiar themes.  I could entirely agree with Rotten Tomatoes’ response if you want to bring a good choice with five seasons and one hundred episodes  spanning five years of filming. It’s a well rounded show I would recommend to fans of Dc or someone just wanting an interesting show to watch.