How did the government mishandle the evacuation of Hurricane Ian??

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian

David Boraks

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Breanna Hardin, Staff Writer

On September 25, 2022, the people of the Southern states were buying food and water for when Hurricane Ian made landfall. The government was not really worried about Hurricane Ian, because Hurricane Ian was not supposed to make landfall until later that week or even further down the line. While all the state’s people were preparing their houses and yards for the big storm, not knowing what to expect, the government was keeping eyes on Hurricane Ian to see if it was going to change course or stay on the path it was on, so they would know if they needed to put a mandatory evacuation up. On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwestern Florida; it drained the ocean off Fort Myers Beach and flattened all the homes into the sand. Hurricane Ian flooded the streets of Florida, leaving them without power for days. Hurricane Ian continues to make landfall in other southern states, leaving them flooded and without power.

Hurricane Ian continued to get stronger as it moved through the southern states, and the government still saw no reason to put out a mandatory evacuation in some areas, due to not knowing if Hurricane Ian was going to stay on its path. As Hurricane Ian moved closer to its next landfall and the winds started picking up, people who had not evacuated went inside. As it started flooding, some people would open their doors, so when it started flooding the water came inside and did not damage their house as much. The government should have made sure that all cities and states that were in Hurricane Ian’s path were evacuated even if they had to put a mandatory evacuation up. Most people were smart and evacuated, but then some people didn’t want to evacuate because they didn’t know when they would come back, they knew that they might not have a house or any of their belongings when they came back.