Closing The Gap: Colliding Theories in Science and Religion

Joseph sapp, Jr. Editor

Since the beginning of time, science and religion have clashed on what caused the creation of life and the universe. These differences in belief have caused people to be tortured, killed, and persecuted for their beliefs, whether based on fact or religion. As the years have gone by these groups have drifted further apart from each other. What if you were to be told that there was evidence that arose that connected religion to science? This evidence could change the way that scientific and religious people interact with each other. This could improve the lives of many people no matter what their beliefs. This article will explain the evidence and how it closes the gap between beliefs with little to no connection.
Science says that the whole universe began with the big bang, which essentially was a giant explosion of pure energy and debris. This makes sense except for the fact that energy is theorized to not be able to be created nor destroyed. Unless it was already there before, yet still this energy would have to be created at some point. Along with that, it has been discovered that most of the base chemicals needed to create life are created through the process of a star going supernova. These base chemicals are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. This means that the chemicals that make up the human body could have been potentially created during the big bang meaning that our bodies are made up of the same substance as whatever exploded during the big bang. This may seem to not connect the two beliefs much but, according to religious beliefs as said in Genesis 1:26-28 we were created in God’s image. Due to the possibility that we were created out of chemicals created during the big bang, this could mean we were theoretically created in the image of whatever was there before the big bang.
Back to the energy theory, according to Isaac Newton, energy can not be created or destroyed only converted from one form to the next. Yet, for there to be energy it must be created in some way or otherwise, it wouldn’t exist nor would we. So theoretically, there had to have been some being of some sort who created the energy. Even then someone or something would have had to create the being who could create that being. Either that or Isaac Newton’s theory that energy can not be created nor destroyed was correct and all energy has just always been there.
With scientific theories and ideals, we can confirm many ideals and theories about our world. With evidence that can be connected, we can conclude that scientifically speaking nothing should not exist. For life and the universe to exist there needs to be matter. All matter is created out of chemical combinations that form substances. The only way for these chemical compounds to form is for there to be energy. Yet against popular beliefs that energy has always been there, it is not correct. For energy to exist it needs to be created. The only way for energy to be created is if something created it and even that would have to be created. So in conclusion it is not scientifically possible for any energy, matter, or even life to exist. So even though it is not enough to fully close the gap between religion and science completely, these are some good points or theories to look into which might help completely close the gap between religion and science.