Staff Retention and How it Affects Students


Cora Walters

The BCHS counseling office is a safe place for any student to go if they were to ever need anything.

Cora Walters, Staff Writer

“Build relationships with your teachers” is a piece of advice that every student has heard at least once. What does it actually mean? It means being able to go to that teacher with issues you’re having without feeling uncomfortable. It means to be able to trust and rely on them. Feeling like you have someone that will do anything to help you. Building these connections is great, until the teacher decides to leave. Staff retention is an occurring issue all over the world. Retention, in this instance, is the continued possession of someone. School districts all over the US have struggled with this issue. While it is a huge problem for school boards, it can also be a big problem for students. 

44% of teachers leave within their first five years of profession. They sometimes leave because they realize that teaching isn’t for them. Most of the time though, it is because another county has a higher salary. As this is great for the teacher, they don’t realize how the student feels. Students can feel hurt, anxious, and depressed because their favorite teacher is no longer in the building. I know firsthand how it feels to have multiple teachers leave. It causes trust issues to be brought to the surface. It makes it harder for students to build another relationship out of the fear that they’re just going to leave in the end. 

On many occasions, someone’s favorite teacher is one of the elective teachers. Students are able to connect to a teacher through things that they enjoy doing. They make connections through activities such as clubs. But, when those educators leave, there is no one to run those programs. Those safe places where students feel comfortable to be themselves are no longer available. This can cause an increase in things such as anxiety and depression. This causes the counseling department to develop more worries than they already have. Many students feel very comfortable in the counseling office. Unfortunately, it not only affects the counselors with being able to achieve their daily tasks, but also the students’ grades since they aren’t in class. 

Students having their teachers constantly leave not only affects their mental health, but also their education. If a student doesn’t feel comfortable with a teacher, they aren’t going to learn. They won’t take the teacher seriously, which in the long term will affect their grades. When teachers learn more about their students, they can find better ways to teach information. Having teachers that care benefits the students in many ways. It motivates them to try harder. Having someone to help push you to your full potential is always a good thing. Having someone that would try their hardest to help in any way. Unfortunately, many students don’t have access to someone they can trust. 

Staff retention is a constant issue that affects students in multiple ways. The connection of staff retention and students comfortably is an occurring issue in school districts all over the United States. If teachers were able to connect with their students and continue to stay in that school district, it would be beneficial to not only the students, but also the community.