Fussing to Fusion Energy



basic image of fusions reactor the size of a peppercorn.

Joseph sapp, Jr. Editor

From the beginning of time, humans have tried to discover ways to create and control energy. Humans have used animal power, coal, fossil fuels, steam power, water, solar, and even wind power. Now, humans have created a way to mimic the sun’s way of creating energy. This method of creating energy is called a fusion reactor, fusion reactors cause the fusion of two particles. Now, this reaction produces a huge amount of energy, through an experiment in a National Ignition Facility in Livermore, California a controlled nuclear fusion created 3 million joules of energy from a capsule that was 0.2 inches in size.

Now to explain a fusion reactor, A fusion reactor is a method of creating energy by combining two atoms. This reaction is the same process in which the sun creates energy. This reaction is caused by the fusion of Deuterium and tritium; these two atoms when combined create hydrogen. The experiment was conducted in a laboratory where 192 lasers were shot into a capsule that was 0.2 inches in size or around the same size as a peppercorn. The 192 lasers used for the experiment put 2 million joules into the capsule and the capsule put out 3 million joules. So unlike other experiments, this experiment put out more energy than was put into the experiment. This is the average amount of energy needed to power a 55-gallon water heater. To put this into perspective you would need a fusion reactor like this one at about 7 feet to generate enough energy to power las-vegas for a whole month. Now, this is not looking at all the other variables that are needed, this is just determined by adding 3 million joules converted to kilowatts which are 300 kilowatts then multiplied by the average energy usage of las-vegas then multiplied by 0.2 to get 7 feet. So to conclude with a few more years of experimentation and a little more time we could have fairly small fusion reactors powering our entire cities, which could eliminate the need for any kind of fossil fuel or other methods of creating energy.