Man Goes Into Cardiac Arrest at Jerry’s Restaurant


Lexington Herald Leader

Jerry’s Restaurant in Paris, Kentucky. 4129 Lexington Road.

Carley Stone, Staff Writer

Elgin Leggett and his wife Jennifer

Breaking news in Paris, Kentucky, a man goes into cardiac arrest in Jerry’s Restuarant. The man’s name is Elgin Legget. On January 6th, Elgin and his wife Jennifer, Bracken County locals, went to Jerry’s looking to have a nice meal. While they were eating, Elgin began choking and went into cardiac arrest. Jennifer stated, “He seemed perfectly fine throughout the day”. “I was looking down at my plate and I could see him slowly going over. I looked up, and he was turning blue and just lost all expressions on his face”. They must have been in the

Bob Boden

right place at the right time because Eligin’s life was saved by Bob Boden who works in the medical field. He went to Jerry’s to get a homecooked meal and while he was eating, Bob said, “I kind of stood up, walked around the corner, and saw Elgin sitting on the floor there or laying, and it honestly wasn’t looking real good”. Jerry’s general manager, Barry Sargent, in his 41 years of working there, hasn’t seen anything quite like this before. “When I got out there, Elgin had already started turning colors, turning blue, a very scary situation.” said Sargent. 

Barry Sargent

Boden was not the only one who helped perform the Heimlich maneuver and CPR, officer Eric Fite helped as well. Thanks to their quick actions, they were able to save him. Elgin Legget woke up four days later thinking it was the same day. He says that it was the grace of God that helped him and now he is better than ever. This miracle was just a Minor setback for the couple because just two weeks later they came back and enjoyed the dessert that they originally didn’t get the chance to order.