“Thor’s Hammer” of Technology



Image of high powered infared light used to alter the path of lighting.

Joseph Sapp, Jr. Editor

If you’ve heard of Mjölnir you know that it is thors lighting-controlling hammer. This hammer was made in Asgard . Now, humans haven’t created an Asgardian hammer that can control lightning, but we have discovered a way to alter the path of lightning.

This method was thought of back in the early two thousands. Even though many experiments have been done, no one has been able to successfully alter the path of lightning. To clear up any confusion, this redirection of lightning is through the use of a laser. This isn’t any ordinary laser. It is an infrared laser shot up into the sky. This laser is not continuous; it is a repetition of 1,000 pulses of light per second. This infrared laser can’t be seen by the naked eye so you need to use a specialized camera. This laser creates a field of free neutrons for the high-powered plasma to easily travel through. This leads to the lighting going towards the beam on high-powered infrared light. To prevent this lighting from getting to the center where the laser is being sent from, the laser is sent at an angle to collide with a lightning pole. This lighting pole then acts like Thor’s hammer and draws the lightning towards it. Now, this is the process scientists have discovered they can use to reroute the path of lighting.This technology works much like thors hammer when he spins it around and it deflects projectiles and other attacks. This process has been tested many times and is very complicated. Many scientists believe that with more testing and advancements in technology, we could use this to harness the power of lighting. Thus becoming true “gods of thunder”. We could use this to redirect lighting with help from software that predicts strikes to reroute it to where we could utilize the power of the lighting. This is one of many amazing advancements that scientists have made within the field of human protection technology. There are many more to come. If you have suggestions for what scientific discoveries/Advancements you want me to write about email them to me at [email protected]