Police Attack Against Tyre Nicoles


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Police brutality must be stopped not just for the sake of African Americans but all Americans.

Joseph sapp, Jr. Editor

Throughout time there has always been some sort of law enforcement, and throughout the years the power has gone to their heads. This has caused what we now know as police brutality. This has led to many people being killed or almost killed due to police actions. The recent homicide of Tyre Nicoles by police officers and police brutality will both be discussed in this article. The police brutality towards Tyre Nichols occurred on January 7th leading to his death three days later. On January 7, 2023, 5 black cops were conducting what seemed to be a routine traffic stop. Instead, they got out of their cars, ripped Tyre Nicoles out of his car, and started beating Nichols. They repeatedly held him up and beat him senseless. Along with that, he was thrown to the ground, kicked, and even pepper sprayed. The whole occurrence was caught on all the officers’ body cams along with a police street camera that was in the area. For further understanding of the occurrence, this wasn’t the usual white police beating up a black man, it was five black officers beating up a black man. With many of these occurrences in the United States, the suspected reasoning Is race. This new occurrence takes race off the table as a reason for this police brutality. If we were to compare these occurrences to occurrences of law enforcers from the past, one thing always stays the same “power”. No matter what race, religion, background, or overall belief, the power went to their heads. The thought of having the power to punish and control people has and will always go straight to their heads. This has led to many police thinking they could do no wrong and that they could beat someone up and get away with it. This is the effect of a very ineffective system for law enforcers. This leads to the fact that the process by which a person becomes a police officer needs to be redesigned to prevent more occurrences like this. One thing that could be done is to extend the time needed to become a police officer. Along with that, we could institute weekly or monthly psych-evaluations to make sure they won’t conduct acts of police brutality on the citizens they swore to protect. To explain the best way to prevent police brutality is to fix the problem at the source. Overall there needs to be something done to prevent more people like Tyre Nicoles from being killed by police officers.