“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” (2023) Review


the new movie the Super Mario Brother Produced by Illumination, Universal Pictures, and Nintendo

Vicente Roque Lopez, Staff Writer

From the legendary 2D classic Super Mario World to trailblazing 3D ventures like Super Mario 64 and Nintendo Switch’s crowning jewel, Super Mario Odyssey, every outstanding game in the iconic franchise boasts an effortless charm. Settle into a straightforward yet captivating gaming experience showcasing eye-catching visuals, refined controls, and meticulous attention to detail – minus any complex scenarios or affectations.

Produced by Illumination and Universal as a follow-up to the disappointing Super Mario Bros. (1993), The Super Mario Bros. movie aptly captures the essence of its protagonist but occasionally misses the mark. Set in the enigmatic Mushroom Kingdom – portrayed remarkably akin to its video game counterpart with fireflies, superstars, and question marks all accurately represented – even featuring an accurate rendition of that infamous blue shell’s shatter-spin-explosion sequence from its source material! While Chris Pratt’s burly yet chaotic portrayal of the beloved character ‘Mario’ delivers iconic catchphrases such as “it’s me” and “come on,” his vocal performance doesn’t match perfectly with what fans have become accustomed to hearing in-game.

Since his creation in 1981, the character has gradually shed his innocent and natural charm. Instead, he exudes a sarcastic demeanor that heavily relies on humor and irony – even when meticulously crafted with attention to detail. Every sentence is delivered as a punchline imbued with meta references for fans of this sort of entertainment. In essence, it’s Mario re-imagined through Marvel’s eyes. An example illustrating this new persona occurs during an exchange where Mario expresses disgust towards mushrooms while devouring pasta sprinkled liberally with them – making fun of gamer’ assumptions about his food choices from the video game series bearing witness to such instances repeatedly unfolding. Please watch it; perhaps then contemplate its suitability beyond mere premises/curiosity-search-tactics based solely on purchasing decisions! Would you take your younger siblings or children to watch the movie