Merely the Ocean

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If I had emotions, they would be raging.

If I had thoughts, they would drive me mad.

If I could control myself, I would halt…

But I cannot,

For I am merely a Tsunami.


If I had a conscious I would marvel at the wonders I am destroying,

At the people that were drowning.

If I had curiosity I would be astonished

By the miracles occurring

At the lives being saved

At the companionship being shown.


If I were smaller,

If I were human.

I would stare in wonder at the small acts of kindness,

Of person saving person

Animal saving animal,

Of a small monkey saving a tiny dog.


But I do not notice, I cannot.

For I am merely a tsunami.


I am merely a tsunami-the ocean’s rage incarnate.

Whipped into a frenzy by the HOWLING winds.

I am merely a tsunami-the ocean’s wrath unchained.

Shaken into a rage by the QUAKING earth.


I am merely the ocean, blind and unfeeling..

I am merely the ocean, all encompassing and powerful.

I am merely the ocean, ignorant of the things I destroy.

I am merely the ocean, unknowing of the lives I ruin.

For I am merely the ocean.



*Inspired by the photo attached

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